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Keywords & Search Engine Tips

Search for good PTSD & Substance Abuse Newspaper Articles using keywords.
The search option at most newspaper sites will allow you to not only search for new articles but will also allow you to search back through their archives.
The archives are a treasure trove of awesome  information!

You can gain great results by doing a few simple things.
If you do a search for PTSD you will not only get results for PTSD, Substance Abuse, etc. but you will also receive articles with the words substance or abuse in them that may not relate to getting help.
Simply use “Quotation Marks” to fine-tune your search parameters - “PTSD” or “Substance Abuse”. Try “PTSD & Substance Abuse”.  The quotation marks lock down your serch parameters.

Describe what you need with as few terms as possible. The goal of each word in a query is to focus it further. Since all words are used, each additional word limits the results. If you limit too much, you will miss a lot of useful information. The main advantage to starting with fewer keywords is that, if you don't get what you need, the results will likely give you a good indication of what additional words are needed to refine your results on the next search. For example, [PTSD San Diego] is a simple way to find what you are looking for and it is likely to give better results.

Free Google Keyword Tool:
You can use the keywords that we have provided. If you would like to expand the search for related keywords then simply type into the free Google Keyword Tool any of the ones on the right to get huge expanded results.

Use this great free Keyword Search Tool to expand the list of any of the keywords that we have supplied.
Google Keyword Tool

This list on the left of keywords will get you volumes of Alternative Energy newspaper articles.
Don’t forget to use “quotation marks” to fine-tune your searches!
You will find the Search Option box at all of these newspapers that we have linked to by state: States A thru Z

Most of the other Newspapers have the search option available:
Link To Other US Newspapers
Note: Includes Canada & several other countries



Primary Keywords

These might help you search for good articles


 PTSD Programs

 PTSD Help

 PTSD Training

 PTSD Training Programs

 PTSD Symptoms

 PTSD Effects

 PTSD Effects On Family

 PTSD Treatment

 PTSD Treatment Centers

 PTSD Care

 PTSD Military Treatment

 PTSD Test

 PTSD & Substance Abuse

 PTSD Family Issues

 PTSD Family Problems

 PTSD Family Issues

 PTSD Diagnosis

 PTSD Clinics

 PTSD Stress Management

 PTSD Help for Vets

 PTSD Help For Veterans

 PTSD Support Groups

 PTSD Message Boards

 PTSD Veterans

 PTSD in Soldiers

 PTSD Combat

 PTSD in Women

 PTSD Womens Help

 PTSD Workbook

 PTSD Work Book

 PTSD Class

 PTSD Causes

 Post Traumatic Stress

 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Help




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