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VA Benefits Check List: Print it out!

Steps to Recovery: These all have been discussed in earlier chapters of The Warzone PTSD Survivors Guide . The order can be changed to suit your situation. Don’t let the size of this list bother you. This is not a race. It is your recovery! Take all the time you need once you have started the process. Don’t stop the process.

  • Put in the date that you start each step of the process,                                               Keep track of the Doctor’s, PBad or Contact Person,                                                     Check mark when step is completed,




Doctor or Contacts




Do a serious self-evaluation. Are you the same person you were before your war zone experience? Are you having thoughts and issues that are really disturbing? Are you having anger issues and trouble dealing with family and friends? Are you having trouble sleeping? Could you have PTSD?





Come to terms with getting help. This is not wimping out unless you want to call the hundreds of thousands of vets who came before you wimps! That would not be a good idea!





Go to the closest VA or Vet Center and get started. Ask about PTSD. Believe me they will know what you are asking about. Do not let a Prisoner Behind a Desk chase you off. You will recognize the vets that did not run for the hills. They are the ones with Benefits!





Ask for a VA picture ID Card





Fill out a Means Test and ask about Travel Pay





Ask to see a VA doctor. Tell him you are having problems with PTSD. Ask for a referral to see a PTSD Doctor or Clinician





Ask the doctor about getting a physical. You will need one to proceed on to the next stages.





Join at least a weekly PTSD Group Meeting. If you are having problems with anger then ask about an Anger Management Program as well. If you are having Substance Abuse problems then consider AA as well.





Find a Representative





Put in a claim for Benefits.





Follow up





Follow up





Follow up. In other words stay Proactive in the process!





Make all appointments the VA sets up for you. If you can’t make one you need to call to reschedule beforehand. This is important. Don’t get put on anyone’s back burner by being irresponsible.





Keep going to meetings. This helps you stay connected to other vets which is a gas. Vets are funny and will put a smile on your face. Who else can you talk to that understands what you are dealing with from the inside out?





Talk to your spouse or significant other. They are not just your caregiver. They need your support as well. What you are dealing with massively effects them too. Do not fool yourself that because they seem not interested they must be OK. They are interested but more than likely afraid to bring up the subject of what you went through! You will be surprised at how many so called caregivers have PTSD by contact with you.





 so calRe-evaluate this list oftenled caregivers have PTSD by contact with you.








           Never, Never, Never give up on your recovery!!!

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